Reasons for Parking Lot Sealing in Mississauga


Sealing parking lots in Mississauga is an important way to prevent long-term damage and keep maintenance costs down. 

Reasons to Seal Your Mississauga Parking Lot

The weather in Mississauga varies from hot, humid summer days to freezing winter days filled with slush and snow. Add in a little spring wind and rain, and the first reason for sealing a parking lot in Mississauga becomes obvious—the challenges of four very different seasons.

Many homeowners and business owners use salt to deal with icy conditions. That salt can cause cracks and other damage to unsealed asphalt parking lots. Cracks are also caused by extreme heat, UV rays, and water seepage from heavy rain and thaws. Parts of a parking lot can start to sink when weather-related contraction and expansion cause water to leak under the foundation of unsealed asphalt.

It’s important not to underestimate how much daily use can wear down a parking lot. The weight of trucks and cars can do significant damage over time. Oil leaks, antifreeze, dirt, dust, and other spills and debris can also wear down asphalt over time.

Added Benefits of Sealing a Parking Lot

Preventing or slowing the pace of asphalt repair is just one of the reasons to seal parking lots in Mississauga. There are many other reasons why residents of Mississauga seal their parking lots.

One reason is just the sheer curb appeal of a freshly sealed parking lot. By resealing a parking lot every two or three years, the pavement is kept looking clean with its new black surface. Dark sealants can freshen a lot, projecting a prosperous and professional image for companies, especially when paired with updated line painting in the lot.

Slowing oxidation by filling any small holes helps reduce any damage from oxygen and UV rays. It also helps prevent oil and other liquids from seeping deeply into the asphalt. Sealing a parking lot also helps waterproof the pavement, slowing water damage. Since asphalt repair is can be expensive, it’s important to seal lots that aren’t level and don’t drain properly. Sitting pools water can do damage over time.

A sealed parking lot is easier to clean since there is less pitting and fewer cracks. It makes snow and leaf removal easier since the smooth surface allows for easier sweeping. It also resists damage that can be caused by pressure washing.

Sealing a parking lot is a cost-effective way to protect the asphalt. The cost of sealing the lot is much less than the cost of constantly repairing the depressions, cracks, and staining that happen often in unsealed parking lots.

If a parking lot hasn’t been sealed, watch for cracks, sinking, or potholes and weed growth. These are all signs that it’s time to repave the parking lot. There are many different types of sealcoats available so consult with an experienced parking lot sealing service, especially if the lot needs asphalt repair before coating.

When your Mississauga parking lot is being repaired, consider sealing the parking lot in a way that gives you the most bang for your buck. There are many kinds of sealant, but one product out-lasts them all– Poly-Tar. As the only importer and distributor of Poly-Tar, Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc confidently offers industry leading warranty on their services. Contact us today to learn more about why Poly-Tar is the best choice for sealing your parking lot.

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